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Chilling video recounts the torture and murder of a young farmer family in South Africa

Updated: Jul 2

Murdered farmer Adriaan ‘Attie’ Potgieter was tortured to death: stabbed over 150 times; little daughter Wilmien, 2, and wife Wilna were ‘shot at close range’..

The Bloemfontein High Court heard that murdered Lindley farmer Adriaan (‘Attie’) Potgieter was tortured to death: stabbed over 150 times when he and his family were attacked on December 1, 2010 and murdered.

Potgieter, his wife Wilna and their 2yo daughter Wilmien, were murdered on the farm Tweefontein which Potgieter was managing. Wilmien and her mother both were shot at close range: execution-style, forensic testimony revealed .

Six black males are on trial. The prosecution against the six men handed in a forensic report on the murder of the family including gruesome photos taken during the autopsies. It also presented a short panga used for gardening as evidence.

Motaung was ‘forced at gunpoint to help move the blood-covered farmer…’

Five of the six men accused of killing the Potgieter family

Motaung, (far right on picture) who was a 17yo minor at the time of the murders, entered a plea explanation.

In it he indicated that he had been on the farm on the day the Potgieters were killed, but claims he had no knowledge of what was planned or going to happen.

In his plea, which was read into the record by his lawyer Leona Smit, Motaung said, that after a sleepover at Khumalo’s house on the farm the night before, he was called to the farm house the next morning.

He was forced, and threatened with a firearm, to help move a man covered in blood, while a woman and child were present.

He ran away after the woman and child were taken away and heard two shots, which he thought were fired at him for fleeing. He was later given R500 to keep quiet and was again threatened to be killed if he identified those involved, he claims.

Testimony of pathologist Dr Robert Book

Free State pathologist Dr Robert Book was the first state witness to testify. He told the court that Adriaan Potgieter was tortured to death and that his autopsy revealed 152 stab and laceration wounds. He said the injuries were caused by objects similar to a garden fork, a panga, a shell or a sharp knife while other injuries could have been caused by a brick or a stone.

UPDATE. Sentencing was handed down in the Bloemfontein High Court for the six people involved.

Two of the six men will be serving three life terms for the family murder. Another man was sentenced to life in prison and two of his accomplices will spend the next 30 years behind bars.

The sixth man involved was not linked to the murders, but was also found guilty of robbing the Potgieter home. He was sentenced to seven years in jail.


Yes, you're right, this is not current news. This is the kind of news Liberals avoid to read, because it doesn't fit their agenda. They and the mainstream media reflect the negligence and unwillingness to report about, or acknowledge it, because it's easier to say: “What you don't know or read, does not exist.“

History is twisted and claims come up that 'White Genocide' does not exist, even claiming that re-issuing these cold cases is meant to spread hatred in South Africa.

Crimes against South African farmers and white people reported here on our blog were committed during the last decade. Reports were adopted from archives of local South African newspapers. This reported crime was committed in December 2010, Lindley, South Africa.

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