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Immigration | The Islamic time bomb

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

The influx of migrants has had significant effects on Germany’s birth rates. In 2016 there was a 7 per cent surge in new-borns, the country’s Federal Statistics Office reported on March 28, 2018.

In the year 2016, a total number of 792,131 children were born in Germany. Compared with 2015’s total of 737,575 new-borns, the number had increased by 7 per cent in a single year.

A large increase in the number of these births were registered among migrant women. They were having 25 per cent more babies totaling 184,660, while an increase of 3 per cent was seen among women with German citizenship, who had 607,500 babies.

While the birth rate among German women rose from 1.43 to 1.46, the number skyrocketed among migrant women, who experienced a rise from 1.95 to 2.28.

Overall, Germany’s total birth rate rose to 1.59 children per woman, a level that hasn’t been recorded since 1973, over four decades ago.

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