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Germany - Turkish women are mostly unemployed and have a much higher birth rate than German women

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

While men with foreign roots are nearly as economically active as Germans, there are considerable differences in economic activity among women.

According to news outlet Focus, Turkish women are only half as economically active as German women – while 74% of German women are currently employed, statistics show that this figure is around 33% for Turkish women.

Focus reports that this is largely due to cultural factors. In Turkish culture, the roles of men and women are clearly defined. While the men are the heads of the household and are expected to engage in business and economic activities, Turkish women are expected to stay at home to look after the household, and raise and care for children.

While outdated in much of Western Europe, the conservative family image is very much a part of modern Turkish culture. Consequently, birth rates among Turkish immigrants are much higher than those of German nationals.

Earlier, we reported (Read related article below) on the significant effect that immigration has had on Germany’s birth rates, which have risen to their highest levels since 1973.

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