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Erdoğan to the West - ‘You can go to hell’

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

President Erdoğan continued scolding French President Emmanuel Macron and said ‘go to hell’ to countries who counter Turkey’s struggle against terrorism, when talking to his supporters today in Siirt reported Hürriyet.

Erdoğan criticised Macron for having a meeting in late March in Paris with a Syrian Kurdish delegation that included the People's Protection Unit's (YPG), which Turkey recognises as terror organisation and extension of PKK.

“If you are against terrorist organisations, you have to stand by our side. If you don’t, know that those terrorist organisations will bring you an headache one day,” he said to Macron.

Erdoğan added that the cement used for the tunnels built by Kurdish militia in Syria came from French construction company Lafarge’s factory in northern Syria.

Erdoğan then lashed out at all the countries in the West for their silence regarding the civilian casualties in Eastern Ghouta.“When will you [the West] turn around and look at the children, women and humans slaughtered and martyred in Eastern Ghouta so we can say 'they act fair? Shame on you. Shame on your democracy, human rights, your understanding of diplomacy.”

Erdoğan told that those countries no more had any right to complain about terrorist organisation and terrorist attacks, adding that Turkey would continue to struggle against terrorism following its own strategy.

“We thank everyone who support us in this struggle. We say ‘go to hell’ to those who stand in front of us, talking the language of the terrorists,” said Erdoğan.


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