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South African timber harvester bludgeoned to death, while wife was forced to watch

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

„They pulled Dan off the couch onto the floor and hit and kicked him: they pushed me backup; one held my head still while the other forced open my eyes and they made me watch...“ 'They beat Dan on the head with hammers, reducing his face to a bloody pulp...'

Beth Bucher was forced to watch as her partner Dan Knight, a timber harvester, was bludgeoned to death by five black men with hammers at their Underberg home.

Ms Bucher recognized the gloves the five black men were wearing as the same he'd bought for all of his staff just two weeks earlier...

Ms Bucher recounted the events when Dan Knight, her partner of 18 years, was violently killed on the eve of his 56th birthday.

The murder has rocked the farmer community at the foot of the Southern Drakensberg.

Bucher, 59, who has since moved to family in Durban, said they were about to have dinner when five men burst into their home.

„We were in the bad habit of eating dinner on our laps in the lounge and catching up with one another on the events of the day. As we were speaking, five men wearing balaclavas and dark clothing burst through the back door which had been closed, but not locked.“

„They ran through with their guns and some were carrying hammers, one of them was carrying a huge monkey wrench.“

Bucher was bound before they attacked Knight.

„They pulled Dan off the couch onto the floor and started hitting and kicking him. They pushed me back in an upright position and one held my head still while the other forced my eyes open and they made me watch.“

Ramonyane 20, Nyawose 23 and Gcina 24 standing trial

„They started beating Dan on the head with the hammers and as he cowered, one hit him hard on the back of the head with the monkey wrench. He groaned, slumped to the floor and they started kicking him. They kept shouting at him, demanding money. He couldn't speak properly because they had broken his jaw and he mumbled that we didn't keep cash, but he would write them a check for R20,000 ($1,685),“ Bucher said.

„They hit him again in the face with the hammer, reducing it to a bloody pulp,“ she said.

As Knight took his last breraths, the intruders ransacked the house and took anything of value.

Bucher was locked in a bathroom after her assailants had tried to suffocate her with a surgical glove.

„I climbed out of a window and ran around to Dan. They had beaten him so badly that his face was unrecognizable and one had hit him so hard with the wrench, that his skull was fractured and par of his brain matter had spilled onto the carpet where he lay. I put my hand near his mouth and there was no breath, and I knew he was gone,“ she said.

Bucher believed the men had been employees of one of Knight's sub-contractors.

„I recognized the gloves they were all wearing as the same that he bought for all of his staff. We had bought them two weeks before“, she said.

„I want them to suffer the dame fate that Dan did. They must feel the pain that they inflicted on an innocent man. How people can do that to someone is unthinkable.“

„Dan was an amazing man and there was no one who disliked him. He was loving and selfless and very protective of me and my children, even though they were not his own. I don't know what we will do without him“, she added.

A source, close to the investigation, confirmed that one of the vehicles that was stolen, had been recovered. The driver fled when he was confronted by the police.

Police spokesman Col Jay Naicker confirmed „the incident“ but said no arrests had been made.


Yes, you're right, this is not current news. This is the kind of news Liberals avoid to read, because it doesn't fit their agenda. They and the mainstream media reflect the negligence and unwillingness to report about, or acknowledge it, because it's easier to say: “What you don't know or read, isn't there.“

History is twisted and claims come up that 'Whte Genocide' does not exist, even claiming that re-issuing these cold cases is meant to spread hatred in South Africa. Crimes against South African farmers and white people reported here on our blog were committed during the last decade. Reports were adopted from archives of local South African newspapers. This reported crime was committed in October 2013, Durban, South Africa

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