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South Africa, turning from multicultural Rainbow Nation to killing the Boers

Updated: Jun 30

They can not be hired, are massacred on their farms, expropriated by the government, dishonored in court, not protected by the police, and their cries for help are ignored by western mainstream media.

The Boers are lost, but now many alternative media are on the move to bring the tragedy to light. And it's horrible.

The Rainbow Nation! That was South Africa's motto after the end of apartheid. Nelson Mandela had promised that South Africa would become a multiethnic and multicultural country where all human beings are equal. Worldwide, the mainstream media cheered. Today they are silent. South Africa is a failed state.

In South Africa, new apartheid has spread - and new racism. Now it's directed against the white Boers and Anglo-Saxon inhabitants.

The Boers (from "Boere", literally "peasants") who call themselves "Afrikaners" have ancestors from the Netherlands and parts of Germany. Their language, called Afrikaans, is a branch of Dutch.

Meanwhile, many white South Africans have existential problems. In the cities they find no work, because the new laws of the South African government demand that first black Africans, then mixed races, then Indians (who were settled by the British as a minority) and only recently, white South Africans may be hired. In practice, it looks like whites are not hired at all.

For white European-born South Africans there are only two ways to make ends meet: Either you're self-employed or you expect an inheritance. Otherwise, only the street remains. Social benefits do not exist.

White farmers in South Africa: Without state protection

In the country it isn't any better, though most Boers still have their farms there. Many will lose their farms sooner or later, as the government is planning new land reforms - with no compensation for the white farmers who lose their land and thus their livelihoods - according to the motto: „Land or Death.“ VIDEO

Role model seems to be Zimbabwe (former Rhodesia), where almost all white farmers were expelled. The South African government doesn't think it's bad at all.

Occasionally, the ANC (African National Congress) still sings the old Zulu fight song, in which even President Jacob Zuma, who was discarded on 14 February this year, joined in: "Kill the Boer!".

South Africa - “Shoot the Boer, we’re going to hit them”

Zuma had made it clear that the white farmers should be expropriated without compensation. His successor, Cyril Ramaphosa, who took up his position only a few days ago, has reaffirmed this policy.

Literally he said, "The expropriation of land without compensation is envisaged as one of the measures that we will use to accelerate redistribution of land to black South Africans". That's almost a declaration of war.

A black African Zulu activist fighting to take the land from the white farmers said in an interview: "The question of civil war in this country is inevitable, it will surely come, we will fight."

European and American mainstream media are silent - at least for the most part. The crisis is only rarely reported

The West mostly ignores the situation of the Boers in South Africa. It doesn't fit into the press worldview that the idea of the multicultural rainbow nation has failed.

Zulu work with Zulu. Other Bantu are as excluded as the Bushmen, the Indians or the white South Africans. The western press does not want to thematize this tribalism. Because we are all the same and are supposed to love us all.

Instead, alternative media are active. From Canada, for example, Lauren Southern is traveling South Africa as a journalist, for a comprehensive documentary about the country. (Laura Southern VIDEO CHANNEL)

She visits the slums of the Boers and the farmers whose family members were brutally murdered. Canadian broadcaster Rebel Media has sent celebrity British reporter Katie Hopkins to South Africa to report on the situation.

When death knocks on the door: Murdered and tortured farmers

The farms are mostly situated far away from urban areas. Thus their inhabitants fall easily victim to brutal raids. Thousands of white farmers have been murdered since the end of apartheid.

There have been around 15,000 attacks since 1994. Often entire families, women and children, are mercilessly slaughtered. The perpetrators are rarely caught.

The most dangerous profession in South Africa is to be a white farmer. The murder rate is at least 113 to 100,000. This makes it safer to be a police officer in South Africa (rate 54:100,000) than a farmer.

The average murder rate in South Africa is 32: 100,000. By comparison, in the USA it is around 5: 100,000 and in Germany it is less than 1: 100,000.

As a white farmer in South Africa you are 113 times more at risk of becoming a victim of murder compared to the situation in Germany.

Crime rate in South Africa is very high. Victims are not just whites. All populations in South Africa are at risk of becoming victims of crime and violence.

But the murders of white farmers are different. The government classifies them as violent robberies with fatalities. This is a fatal miscalculation, because in the raids on the Boer families, victims are often cruelly tortured and tormented before they are murdered.

Farmers are living in constant fear. Many have lost family members. Lauren Southern has interviewed many victims and a woman whose job it is to clean up the crime scene after the raids and murders and recover the bodies. VIDEO (WARNING. Graphic content)

It's called "Crime Scene Cleanup." Her name is Eileen de Jager, a Boer. She confirms the unimaginable cruelty with which the victims are tortured and slaughtered. Women are raped for days until death, children are murdered.

The scenes are often worse than the worst horror movie

A twelve-year-old boy was drowned in boiling water, a woman was slaughtered who was just about to bathe her children.

Often the rooms are soaked with blood when the police enter the place. The bodies are often unimaginably cruelly disfigured. The survivors of such massacres are physically and mentally destroyed for life.

It is clear to the crime scene cleaner that these violent crimes are not random acts of robbery by an impoverished perpetrator resulting in accidental death. They are pure violence and hate crimes with the intent to torture and kill.

All victims have been tied up, their eyes gouged out, limbs severed, then they are subjected to unimaginable torture before finally being murdered. An ordinary burglar out of poverty would not do that.

Mostly the raids end up in the massacre. The survivors can hardly handle the loss, as in the case of the 18-year-old girl, Cherize Smuts , who has lost not only her two parents, Louis and Belinda Smuts, but also her grandparents, Gert and Pauline, in a raid on the farm.

Or in the case of a murder attack on a farmer settlement in KwaZulu-Natal, where a visiting German family was slaughtered, which was preparing for a birthday party. VIDEO

Sometimes raids end up without someone's death. Sometimes these are just ordinary robberies with violence. But the shock is deep when gangs with machetes and knives invade and attack the farmers [watch surveillance camera recording here].

Farmers and white settlers who once experienced something like that just want to leave South Africa.

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