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Female sniper first to take out ISIS terrorists in poetic revenge after Britons ambushed

Updated: Jun 3

A female sniper has become the first woman to shoot dead an ISIS terrorist in a military operation. The special forces soldier, a sergeant serving with the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), took out at least three jihadis with a submachine gun in a bid to protect her fellow colleagues.

The British team included several SAS troopers, an MI6 officer and SRR members.

The brave killings come after the team she was part of arranged to meet a female informer of the depraved terror group. She claimed she had been forced to marry a prominent terrorist commander and offered to provide intelligence on the terrorists in return for being helped to escape with her child.

The team met with the woman in a small town close to the border with Iraq and Syria. But the team was ambushed as they traveled through a small urban area, which ISIS recently vacated.

The woman, armed with a Heckler & Koch MP5K, a small submachine gun, immediately sprung into action as the troops got out of their vehicles to exchange fire. But as jihadis attempted to storm their vehicle, the woman was forced to protect her colleagues.

A source told the Daily Star: “The female soldier opened fire with her MP5K and killed several terrorists. “Every time a terrorist appeared she dropped them – and gave a running commentary to her colleagues so that they had an idea of what was happening to their rear. "She took down at least three terrorists who were very close to over-running her position. She reacted in the way the special forces are trained to do when they are involved in close quarter battle.

"She had her colleagues’ backs throughout the firefight and no doubt saved lives.”

On arrival the female sniper was praised for her heroism, but she insisted she was "just doing her job". Our source added: “When they returned to base her colleagues were giving her high fives and calling her Britain’s first GI Jane, but she just wanted to down play the whole event and simply said she was doing her job.

“She made the point women are more than capable of serving on the frontline in special forces units and are just as good as men.”

The Special Reconnaissance Regiment is the only special forces unit to let women serve.

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