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Erdogan | 'Hey America. Hey Trump are you the most powerful of the world?'

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Erdogan met with party members on December 18 in the Turkish city of Karaman, where he spoke at the 6th Ordinary Congress of the Party.


Speaking at the congress held at Karaman Mehmetbey University Sports Hall, Erdoğan remembered those who died in Ankara in the alleged coup on July 15, 2016.

„We will be pitiful for the sake of our brothers and sisters. We will strive for justice in law, democracy and legitimacy. We called them out that night and they came by the thousands and if we would have to cross a square that night, we would've crossed ten thousand squares.“

Erdoğan then went on with humiliating the main opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu

„I heard somebody [Kılıçdaroğlu] say: 'If it is a coup d'état, let me go in front of the tanks'. That night at 11.17pm he landed at Istanbul airport and there were tens of thousands on the streets.

I made my call from Dalaman and told the people to go to the streets and squares. Indeed my nation Turkey went on the streets around the globe. But he [Kılıçdaroğlu] was so afraid at Atatürk Airport that he and his men immediately went for protection by the tanks. After talking to the commanding officers Mr. Kemal [Kılıçdaroğlu] drove to the Bakırköy Municipality, escorted by the tanks.

I went airborne at about 1.5 hours later and spoke to the nation. After 16 hours the coup was settled. We came here today by the grace of Allah, but it was about minutes. If we would've been 15 minutes late, they would've shot us.“

Then Erdoğan changed to the Jerusalem issue:

"Jerusalem, the Muslim capital cannot be given to Jews. Now a new situation has emerged. Jerusalem. Jerusalem is an evangelical, Zionist understanding that allows them to take in embassies by their own, despite UN resolution 470 issued in 1980. Those who took this step we don't define... We don't know you either.“

Erdoğan known for his tirades went on for quite a long time. „The saying is, it [Jerusalem] should be declared as the capital of Palestine. I declared it long time ago as the capital of Palestine. Since Jerusalem is currently occupied, we can not go there and open our embassy.

But even in our present consulate, we are represented by the ambassador. We will officially close our consulate and we will open our embassy there."

"The most powerful antidote to lies is the truth"

President Erdoğan then showed the chronology of the occupation of Palestine since 1937 by reflecting a map on the screen and also gave a few examples of violence of Israeli soldiers and spoke to US President Trump:

„Hey America, hey Trump, hey didn't you see what's happening [in Jerusalem]? My state is the world's most powerful state. What will happen if every state is stronger than yours?

President Erdoğan went on to say: "Here are a few examples of what the Israeli soldiers in their terrorist state are doing: The young man on the screen is 14 years old Jüneydi.

Those 20 soldiers are terrorists. They broke Jüneydi's jaw, his eyes are covered with tape, they are dragging Jüneydi into a cage. I know that people as young as 14 years are afraid of arms, but this genus is pointing their arms at him.

This is Israel. Hey America, hey Trump have you seen this, or have you seen the children in the cage? According to them my state is the strongest state in the world.

What will America say to the world if you wouldn't have nuclear weapons in their hands. You have nuclear weapons in your hands and more weapons like Europe and other countries. What will you be without them?

Is this justice? We will cut their bellies ourselves.

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