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German Government cuckolds its men by teaching migrants that interracial relationship is the norm

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

The government has for Germany a new definition of sex: reproductive, enjoyable sex and children are for migrants and white German women only. Masturbation, talking, cuddling, and the occasional non-reproductive oral is how German men have sex. Do they even try to hide their objectives anymore? This is not the only front where the German government leads this concealed war on its own kind.

The German Government recently put online a website called Zanzu, my body in words and images, that “explains sexual and reproductive health” in the West to migrants. It is exclusively aimed at them, as the explanatory video stipulates it at 00:06 (for non-German speakers).

The problem is that what the government depicts as being normal, pushes the idea without naming it—that interracial sex is the norm, that the country’s native men are weak, and young German women are the prize for migrants to impregnate and have sex with.

It is an additional direct action taken by the country’s elite to make their native people disappear in favor of “equality” and “multi-culturalism,” helping them to remain in power by destroying the feelings of nationalism and unity that could question their authority.

Who pulls the strings?

The video was created by the German Government’s Federal Center for Health Education and the Flemish company Sensoa, that have seats in the Belgian parliament but also run campaigns and websites to make people more aware of what sexual health is (according to them).

It is financed by the Belgian taxpayers, who see their taxes being used yet again for the promotion of multiculturalism and migrant-native reproduction.

From their 'About' section, Sensoa mainly supports homosexual rights, migrants reproducing in Europe, gender equality and gender flexibility, abortion, and fights against sexual violence - The “White Rape Culture!” -.

Obviously, not traditional Muslim female genital mutilation, (dats raciss). It comes as no surprise that they are also a proud member, like Starbucks, of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. And it is indeed written in the section “Push the agenda.“

What do they consider the norm?

The “Relationships” section (the one that can challenge nature, and therefore MUST be under government control) is a flood of SJW and PC propaganda.

What is love? Where man has forever asked himself this question without finding a finite answer, the German government tells you what love is.

It would be laughable if it was not so disturbing. The government also tells you what feelings are. Feelings and reactions that are innate for the human species are now under the approval of the state.

This is the “Good relationship” section:

Equality: both partners are equal. One partner does not dominate the other;

1. Respect and acceptance: you and your partner are two different people. You will always be different and you accept this;

2. Trust: you trust each other and confide in each other;

3. Communication: you express your feelings and wishes;

Time: you spend time with each other;

4. Interests: you share the same interests…

They also precisely redefine what “Partner violence” is (emphasis added):

1. Psychological violence, for example: insults, humiliation, threats or ignoring your partner.

2. Physical violence, for example: beating, kicking, rough treatment, forcing your partner to perform or endure harmful acts (for instance: having to bathe in too-hot water).

3. Sexual violence, for example: forcing your partner to have sex (rape), forcing him/her to watch pornography.

4. Economic violence, for example: deciding what to do with yours or your partner’s money against his/her will, providing insufficient household money, denying him/her necessary material goods.

You read that right. Ignoring your partner is now psychological violence and deciding not to be a provider or a sponsor is economic violence.

Partner violence is any form of violence between two people who have an emotional and/or sexual bond (relationship). Partner violence often shows that there is no equality between the partners.

Violence between partners is forbidden by law.

But it is all going to be fine:

If you are an offender, you can find help to stop you from repeating partner violence in the future. Look for professional help.

The mother of all double standards

The myth of “rape culture” is beaten into the skull of native born Germans (and white heterosexual males worldwide) while migrants are not punished and act in total impunity.

They are proposed advise on consensual and interracial relationships. Treating them like irresponsible children is the solution that the German government sees as appropriate.

What Merkel and her clique does not, or pretends not to, realize is that male migrants are well aware of how sex works.

They just observed that they can commit crimes without punishment. Why would they hold back? We are back with the eternal question regarding free will when exposed to an evil deed: “If you could commit a crime, knowing that you will not be punished, would you do it?”

With audio and legions of informative images, Zanzu is designed in such a way that the most simple-minded individual can grasp the concepts described.

Who are they trying to convince? Almost all the migrants I have seen so far in pictures possess and can use relatively complex devices such as smartphones.

The site recurrently uses the sentence “This (genital mutilation, actual violence etc) is forbidden by law” and not “is punishable by a fixed penalty.”

The whole mindset shared by the migrants, especially in Germany is: “But your laws do not apply to me.”

What is the end game?

By depicting, on this website and many other platforms, the native German (and by extension the white population) as weak and the root of all evil, we observe the same tactic used to submit Germans by using the shame of their WW2 past.

The government has for Germany a new definition of sex: reproductive, enjoyable sex and children are for migrants and white German women only. Masturbation, talking, cuddling, and the occasional non-reproductive oral is how German men have sex.

This whole website is just a facade. A bogus solution to keep the Germans that are on the fence calm and the leftists strong in their self-righteousness.

The content and the images chosen

The written part of the website especially relative to pregnancy, fertility, and biological truth is often quite neutral, but some elements could be described as triggering for leftists:

Women are the most fertile when they are young, just after having their first menstruation cycle

But the chapters relative to choices, sexual pleasure, and sexual violence seem to always follow the same reasoning.

This is the subliminal message sent through the images that is the main point here. I went through ALL the images and noticed a few coincidence:

1. The picture depicting “women’s bodies” and “men’s bodies” follow a pattern

For obvious reasons, the young German-looking blonde girl is smiley, thin and attractive. The other women are depicted as overweight, in a slouched posture or frowning. They constitute a majority. The two white women are a minority in the group, including an old white woman that seems disabled.

The white men are also a minority in the group that represents what the west is, with only two possibilities: either dead-eyed/skinny with male-pattern baldness or obese.

2. None of the pictures about contraception clearly depict a native German-looking woman

3. Pictures that depict sexual intercourse (NSFW) aimed at conception NEVER include native-looking couples, only interracial ones.

Apparently only kissing, mutual masturbation and blowjobs are “white couple friendly.”

4. The picture in the section about male sterilization depicts a non-white doctor sterilizing a native German-looking man

5. The people depicted as having HIV, STIs or drug users are always non-native women, non-native homosexual men, or weak-

looking fair-skinned men. The provider of hard drugs to the migrant/non-White is also White.

6. How “healthy lifestyle” is depicted. Harmful activities (smoking) are enjoyed by droopy-eyed, limp-wristed white men with spectacles. The white woman gets plenty of sleep, naked and with a smile. She also runs with her hijab-sporting female bestie while the migrant/non-white man drinks water, eats vegetables and gluten-free bread.

7. NONE of the children depicted are White. Except the ones adopted by lesbian couples.

The only case in which they will not systematically put down white children.

8. Images and close-ups of penetration, aiming at or displaying, fecondation, female masturbation or open genitalia ALWAYS involve a white woman. So does female genital mutilation. Links (NSFW) : [1], [2], [3], [4]

9. The government-approved definitions of”good sex” and“casual sex”. This is the image found in the “Good sex” chapter. He looks so happy while listening to her nagging. It is also the picture used in the section “Solving sexual problems”…

This is the image found in the “casual sex” chapter. Dead-eyed white man and fat non-white woman with relatively short hair.

10. The effect would not be complete if the native German-looking man was not depicted with having the shortest penis of the group (NSFW)

The white man has the smallest package of the bunch (nsfw). The African man has the biggest.

En conclusion

“Good sex” and reproduction control are the exact notions used in the novel Brave New World. Do they even try to hide their objectives anymore? This is not the only front where the German government leads this concealed war on its own kind.

Merkel and Erdogan, the Turkish president, met while completely excluding the 27 other representatives of the countries of the European Union, re-opening the discussions to include Turkey in Europe and considering paying them 3 additional billion euro to keep migrants on their side of the fence.

Zuckerberg has also something in store for the German people and will help them to change. Luckily, some realistic European and German political figures react to these frequent abuses of power (from 01:55).

The German Government could have just named the site “The Future We Have For You”.

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