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Europe - Demoralized, invaded and violated

Updated: May 28

While the liberal media is working on damage limitation as the fairy dust on its childlike delusions is blown away by the harsh winds of reality in places like Cologne, it is time for European nations to ask themselves whether they believe in their own right to exist.

Just because post-WWII European liberals have been culturally neutered doesn’t mean that the armies of young men pouring in from Arab countries and sub-Saharan Africa have been, too.

The liberals are in denial at the dissonance between their theses and actual reality, and engaged in damage limitation – or simply blaming the victims – to make up the shortfall.

But rape and pillage – such as we have seen across Europe – is what invading armies do. It’s what our invading armies do – why should anyone else’s be different?

The young men themselves understand exactly what’s going on, even if the fools around them do not.

Meanwhile, the poor white Europeans are so afraid of calling a thing by its proper name, it requires second generation immigrants to do it for them.

European demoralization

The idea popular – not least among liberal Europeans – is that Europeans’ influence in the world has been an unmitigated evil. Associated with this assumption is another assumption: that any instinct towards self-survival among members of European cultures is evil, too.

While it is true that Britain, for example, (along with other key European countries) had empires and some (perhaps much) of what those empires did was bad, none of that loot trickled down to the common man.

The reality is that Britain has been run by a banking cartel since the creation of the Bank of England, and its indigenous peoples have been mowed down in their millions in wars to fill the coffers of the rich. Untold numbers were also worked to death in fields and mines.

While that was the business model, the people were inculcated with a sense of ‘them and us’ – the clansman and the outsider – because it was useful to the rulers.

Now, the ingenuity and hard work of European men is no longer so much in demand. The known world has been conquered, and the banks own all of it apart from a few hold-outs – and those are currently being bombed. But the main job was pretty well done by the end of WWII.

At that point, a new doctrine was handed down. Under this doctrine, Europeans no longer have any business being tribes. Wars, naturally, were not the fault of the banking oligarchy which now owned the entire world thanks in the main to the labors and gullibility of Europeans. No, wars were the fault of the European peoples themselves.

So, rather than peoples falling neatly into friends and foes as they had before, the world was Dale Carnegie-ized.

The Newthink dictated that if you simply refused to acknowledge any sort of differences between your group and anyone else’s long enough, you could 'Make Friends And Influence People' until the world was a big, happy smorgasbord – all holding hands round a tree, singing Kumbaya and sharing a Coke and a smile.

This, in essence, is what liberals believe. They think that if you pretend what you want to be the case is the case long enough, the lion will lie down with the lamb, and they will enjoy a nice vegetarian nut roast together.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Warm and cuddly and gooey. A bit like the denouement of a saccharin chick-flick.

But it has a problem. And that problem is that it is complete nonsense.

Even our rulers have to admit this, because every now and then they – via their owned media – fire us up with nationalism in bursts whenever there’s a need for a quick (or not-so-quick) genocide somewhere to take down a country, install a compliant central bank, and get that country back to handing its assets over to the banks rather than to its own people. Then tribalism is fine.

Limited tribalism during the World Cup is also fine since it gives the males a chance to work off their instinct to protect their own – in a loud yet managed, sterile and futile way.

But the rest of the time, if you so much as notice differences between you and any other group, political correctness will leave you a social pariah – or, increasingly, lose you your job or send you to prison.

What this means – to go back to the lion and lamb motif – is that you are now the lamb, and any teeth you had have been removed, and you secretly went vegan after reading some books Deepak Chopra lent you.

And now as you snuggle up next to the lion your entire survival strategy is predicated on the lion having read the same books and feeling the same way about what he read as you do.

European invasion

If I want to go to New Zealand, for example, there is a process. Quite a strict one. And if I turn up in that country without the correct documentation, then I will not be getting in.

But not so in Europe. At least not now. And not for certain people.

There are genuine asylum seekers in the world. And there is a process for assessing them.

But that is not what is happening here. What is happening, is that the European nations themselves are being kettled by their own governments’ policies and occupied by gangs of unknown young men, many of whom have simply joined the bandwagon because the word is out that the Europeans have lost the will to fight.

But porous borders and financial support when you get in do not extend to everyone.

Almost 18,000 British citizens are denied access annually for their spouse to join them in the UK by the government if that spouse comes from outside the EU.

So this ‘compassion’ is extremely selective.

The laws of legal physics have been magically suspended. And the governments – whose primary duty and justification for existing in the first place – is to maintain the integrity of a nation’s borders are, seemingly, helpless.

I don’t need mainstream media to explain to me what I can see happening. Any time I see an army of young men marching into a foreign country in the face of supine, defeated troops who have lost the will or the wit to fight for those people who pay their wages, then I know what is happening: an invasion is taking place.

As usual, the justification for this insanity is the very ‘compassion’ which has become both de rigour and legally enforceable in all countries where noticeable numbers of Europeans reside – but nowhere else, it seems.

Our leaders have no scruples about murdering a million Iraqis or bombing Fallujah with phosphorous bombs or providing media and financial support for the eradication of the Palestinians, but now – all of a sudden – we are told to be squeamish: the doors simply must not be closed; we have to help.

This new-found compassion and glaring contradiction should tell you everything you need to know: the fix is in. Europe is slated to be ethnically cleansed.

No-one voted for this. Few people want it. Yet everyone has to pay for it. And until the governments do their duty and protect their nations from invasion, it is beyond me why there isn’t a tax revolt.

The wars against Syria and Iraq are criminal. And so is the dereliction of basic duty of the European governments to maintain the integrity of our borders.

And those who are the decision-makers in both scenarios are marching to a drum none of us have any part in beating.

Thus, we are living under a tyranny. So let’s just admit as much.

Liberal insanity

Politically correct liberal insistence upon things being – in fact – how some in socialist think tanks might wish them to be has gone beyond the point of tolerable insanity; it has the aspect of a death wish; of an enforced, self-service, pay-as-you-go ethnic cleansing of Europe’s indigenous peoples. And no amount of pleading the compassion card is going to diffuse this reality.

If we are looking for causes of the crimes against Syria and Iraq, they are to be found in the nature and acceptance of usury, and the policies of think tanks designed to further the interests of a very few people.

The vast majority of European peoples did not create either problem. They certainly do not benefit from them. There is no reason why they should pay for them.

My nation’s forebears laid down their lives in their millions to defend their land. I do not believe I am alone in regarding as pernicious, criminal, treacherous and evil that collusion between politics, education, media and business which treats any instinct for survival among indigenous European peoples as a disposable and distasteful commodity.

Voices of reason are coming to the fore – from Hungary and Slovakia, for example. We should listen to them.

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