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The anti-white British Police and 'positive discrimination' for diversity

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

When I was a kid, lots of ma friends loved to dream about what they wanted to be when they were older, astronauts, rock stars, hit men, but beyond those a fair few of them had more realistic ambitions and with often expressed their desire to be firefighters or police officers.

Young boys are attracted to services like that because they are seen as professions where you have to be strong, brave and where people look up to you and respect you.

Well... not anymore. These days when young white lads looked towards the police force, they'll see an institution that's no longer about serving and protecting the vulnerable, but rather a bureaucratic corps that is more concerned with parroting empty political platitudes and winning hollow accolades, but most of all they'll see an establishment that is openly hostile towards them, due to their race and gender.

This has been proven in the past few days as senior figures within the British police force have called for changes in the law, which will allow them to legally discriminate against white men, in order to increase the number of ethnic minority recruits.

Yes, once again, if you're a straight white man, modern Britain has no use for you anymore

Generations of British children have been raised by liars. We were taught by everyone around us, our teachers, our media, our government, our culture, that in Britain equality under the law was our greatest achievement.

We didn't see color, we didn't see difference. All we saw were individuals, who could strive to be whatever they wanted to be in our progressive egalitarian society.

We were leading the world into the light and we believed it, but none of this was ever true. It was nothing more than bait on the end of a fishing line and as soon as the British population went to bite it, we were hooked, trapped and the state could do with us what it wanted.

Now we see the truth. Equality is a lie. Tolerance isn't a virtue. Diversity is not a strength and all of these things are nothing more than weapons to be used against the native population or more specifically, white men.

We've now reached a point where even our days of high equality laws aren't good enough anymore. Not that they ever worked, by the way. In 2010 for example, it became legal for employers to reject men in favor of women to increase gender equality in the work place. Utter nonsense.

Now the next step is been exemplified by Mrs. Sara Thornton who is the Chair of the National Police Chiefs' Council, seizing her opportunity to be seen as a harbinger of forward thinking and change. She has expressed what she believes to be the next logical move for the British police to encourage that much needed diversity.

Police leader calls for laws to allow positive race discrimination

Sara Thornton, Chair of the National Police Chief's Council

Sara Thornton says, shocked to the system needed, to increase diversity among officers. Radical new laws should allow police to positively discriminate in favor of minority ethnic recruits.

Otherwise the ranks of officers will be too white for decades to come, the leader of the British Police Chiefs has said. Yes, you heard right.

Sara Thornton, a senior figure in the police, wants to change the law to allow racial discrimination towards white men. I guess equality just wasn't good enough, hey. No other racial group in our society would ever be subjected to changes in the law that would allow them to be racially discriminated against. That's a fact and everyone knows it.

The language here sums up the situation perfectly. “Otherwise the ranks of officers will be too white for decades to come.“ TOO WHITE. As if being white is an inherently bad thing.

Aren't we in Britain by the way? Isn't this supposed to be home to native Europeans or white people, to be more specific. Have I got that wrong?

How can there be too many white people working in institutions in predominantly white countries? Why is that a problem? I reckon there's too many blacks working in the Nigerian fire brigade. Too many Arabs working in the Saudi Coast Guard. The story continues.

Since 1999 police have been trying to get the proportion of officers from ethnic minorities to match the proportion of the populations they serve. But none of the 43 forces in England and Wales has achieved that and it will be 2052 at the earliest before that happens. It's likely to be even decades beyond that if, as expected, the minority ethnic population grows.

Thornton said, her personal view was that positive discrimination was needed: “That is unlawful at the moment. If you want to do something to give a shock to the system and say we can't wait to 2052, I think we need to do something different.“

Sara admits that positive discrimination is unlawful at the moment, but whatever. If we really want to bring about change, and change is always a good thing, guys. Never forget that. It can never be negative or ill taught out or unwanted. It's always good.

We should just scrap the law and make new laws instead, which will make it legally permissible to attack an entire racial group. Brilliant. And also, maybe the reason why ethnic minorities aren't joining the police in droves is because perhaps they don't wan to? Maybe they want to do something else in their lives.

Or maybe, and this is controversial, maybe they don't feel that unconditional need to serve and protect the people of this nation as much as native white Brits do for example.

There are exceptions of course #NotAll but I'm just saying. Is it possible in any way that whites feel more for responsibility towards serving Britain than 2nd generation Pakistani immigrants?

I'm just raising questions here. On top of that, why does every minority group need to be accurately represented within the police to begin with?

What's the plan here?

Only Muslim officers will work in Muslim areas? Only black officers will work in black areas? Is that the goal? Surely a police officer, no matter his background, should be trained to the same level of ability and competence and have the authority to police any area. Right?

The anti-white British police and 'positive discrimination' for diversity

If that's not the case, surely eyebrows must be raised. Hey, maybe this multiracial, multicultural Utopia where different ethnic groups segregate themselves into slums and effectively colonize parts of Britain. Maybe this isn't working out too well.

How will this new 'Positive Discrimination' play out in real life, I wonder?

Would they ban whites from a plane outright, or would it be a situation where two candidates are equally qualified but if one of them is a minority they'll get the position every time over the white guy. Purely because of their ethnicity and the need to diversify the force.

Oh wait, here's Sara again to explain. Thornton said: “I think there's an argument that we could select on merit and put people into a pool [of recruits] and then appoint on representation.“ Ahh, of course. Merit will only get you so far in modern Britain, then it's all about your race.

If I was in a pool of candidates and saw that a good chunk of them was made up of ethnic minorities, I'd just quit and leave. What would be the point? I'd rather sit inside whole day and setup and Ebay shop up 'Hell Sign On The Doll.“

This would be like me, advertising for designers for the 'Iconoclast Magazine'. Sure I'd interview everyone based on merited first, but at the end of the day I would only be interested in hiring women with big tits. I doubt that would go down too well.

Ever since black teenager Stephen Lawrence was murdered in the early 90s and criticism was leveled at the police for supposedly having racial bias during the investigation, the British police have been doing everything in their power to prove they aren't racist.

It's their greatest mission in life, and to prove they aren't racist, they'll promote racism against white people, as we see here. That makes total sense. Image and peyar is all that matters now. Not fighting crime.

West Yorkshire police last week, gladly celebrated their win as 'Diversity Champions Of The Year' at the British Muslim Awards. Yes, congratulations guys. We'll just forget that you've been proven to have horrendously failed the victims of Muslim child rape gangs in Yorkshire. How you ignored abuse for years and in other cases covered it up.

Thousands of white girls raped repeatedly, under your nose and you did nothing. But enjoy the trophy, it looks nice. It's one of those trendy glass cesary ones, oh very modern. But I wonder if it is any coincidence at all that you received it at the British Muslim Awards. Hmm... smells a bit fishy in here, doesn't it?

Sara herself is no stranger to controversy. In 2013 she too was accused of failing girl victims of Muslim rape gangs. This time in Oxford. The police didn't take abuse reports seriously, was slow to investigate and made countless lapses in judgement along the way, allowing countless girls to be raped and enslaved into sex work. Goodness, sounds quite similar to West Yorkshire that, doesn't it?

I wonder what their big hold up was. Sara Thornton, because she's so full of class, refused to resign from her post, drawing a lot of anger. Now in 2019, and this is the cherry on top of the cake, she's about to be appointed Theresa May's 'Anti Slavery Commissioner', which is both hilarious and insulting at the same time.

Yes, the woman who oversaw gigantic failures in preventing the sex slavery of children by Muslim gangs is now set to be made the Anti Slavery Commissioner to the Government. Just outstanding. Can we get a round of applause for this, everyone?

Now, that's what I call a home run.

In conclusion

The British police are more concerned with plaudits and bullshit 'Diversity Awards' than they are fighting crime. Now if people like Sara Thornton get their way, they will lobby to change the law to make it easier for them to continue down this destructive path. They are not on our side. They've betrayed the public and soon they can have further power to openly discriminate towards white people, in their dogmatic pursuit of equality and diversity.

Every individual in significant positions of power within these organizations need to be done away with. The entire structure needs to be brought down and rebuilt. They have failed the British people for too long.

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